Call for applications to host the ICOM-CIMUSET 50th conference in 2023

Call for applications to host the ICOM-CIMUSET 50th conference in 2023

Conference Overview

The CIMUSET conferences are typically a mix of presentations, workshops, panels, practical tours and social events designed to maximize participation and interaction among science and technology museums professionals and colleagues from sceinces centers.


All ICOM institutional members can apply to host the CIMUSET Conference; other museum/centres/institution can make a joint conference with other ICOM institutional members in their country. Priority will be given to countries that have never before hosted a CIMUSET Conference or meeting.

Benefits for the Host

The CIMUSET Conference provides a focus in the host country (city or region) for a gathering of international experts in Science and technology heritage. CIMUSET Conference establishes a professional and personal network which may raise the international profile of the host’s heritage museums and sites through its participation in worldwide networking from the point of view of business and tourism.

Conference Theme & program

Official language of CIMUSET conferences is English. Simultaneous interpretation and other interpretation assistance can be proposed by the candidate.
The proposed theme should meet CIMUSET’s requirements, accessible to members and participants and appropriate for the world museum community. Preference will be given to themes that are innovative, flexible and in keeping with ICOM’s objectives and Strategic Plan as well as future plan(s) which will lie in the continuation of the current one. Consideration must be given to past themes of CIMUSET conferences and of International Museum Days themes in order to avoid duplication.
When suggesting a theme, the candidate must also include a list of three to six high-profile potential speakers, including at least one speaker from the host country, based on their geographic location, language diversity, male-female parity and professional backgrounds.

When suggesting dates for the conference, the bidder must make sure that they do not clash with major public holidays in the host country and around the world, or major meetings and events in the host city.


The entire programme contains two (2) parts: Official sessions (Opening ceremony, Key notes, Presentations and cessions – Museum fair if possible) and Post-conference (for visits and excursions).
In addition to the above official program, other parallels sessions may be proposed in others locations.  The role of the organising committee is to gather all session proposals and submit them to CIMUSET Scientific Committee for approval via the Email Box of the Conference.

Expected attendance

CIMUSET conferences expect about +/- 80 delegates and accompanying persons.
Letter of Interest
Letter of support/interest from the Direction of the Host Institution.
Other support from competent authorities is also expected to facilitate attendance.

Conference venue

The host institution must offer a favorable academic and professional environment for the hosting of CIMUSET Conference. The host institution is also expected to benefit from CIMUSET conference, through potential membership growth or a long-term legacy for CIMUSET as well as for the museum community in the country and in the region.
The host is responsible for providing adequate meeting rooms and other operational conference facilities. Other facilities include the registration area (a check-in desk, a registration desk, an information desk, a message board and a room for CIMUSET board meetings).

The host city: Transport and accommodation

– The host city is expected to be easily accessible by international airliners and a transport hub for inland visits before and after the conference. It would be preferable for the host to offer airfare discounts to participants for certain airliners or airline alliances. The organizers should indicate if an international airport is located near the city, by marking its location and the distance to the city centre and the conference venue.
Once in town, local transport facilities, airport transfer, easy access to the city centre from hotels, shuttle service from the hotels to the conference venue, etc. are an important consideration for participants.
– Accommodations facilities: A broad range of lodging options is necessary, as most conference participants stay at facilities recommended and negotiated by the host. Hotels of medium price range and within walking distance from the conference venue are preferable, as well as rooms in universities and hostels, if not too far from the conference site.
– Other information should be given:
– Visa types, validity and fees;
– List of museums in the host city;
– Proposal for cultural and tourist activities (including the post-conference tour, excursion day, programme for accompanying persons and evening cultural programmes) and the programme for opening and closing receptions;
– A public transport/tourism map with details of transport means around the conference venue and the hotels;
– Weather, electricity voltage, money exchange…


ICOM-CIMUSET can offer until 3500 Euros to the institution hosting the conference for preliminary costs (Mail & expedition, first meetings, conference web site…) but candidates are encouraged to look for financial support from local partners who chair similar goals and objectives.
If it’s possible, you can state the possibility of any grants or bursaries from relevant authorities to some participants from developing countries.

CIMUSET Conference registration fees

The conference registration fees will be invoiced by the conference organizer.
Early registration: Participant: 300 € (Meals, coffee, documentation, bag, excursion, etc.)         
Accompanying person: 250 €
Rate two months before the conference:
Participant 350 €/ Accompanying person 300 €
Registration Cancellation Policies:
Cancellations received 30 days before the conference will receive an 80% refund of fees paid. Cancellations received after that will receive no refund. Cancellations must be submitted in order to receive any possible reimbursement.

Contract signing

A contract defining clearly the roles of CIMUSET and the Host Institution will be signed by the two parties before the event.
The bidding application for 50th CIMUSET Conference in 2023 must be sent to cimusetevents(at) by Saturday 15 June 2021 (GMT time).
Any potential applicants with questions about hosting the conference, or about the application process should contact CIMUSET Chair: e.dahmali(at), CIMUSET Secretary: johanna.vahapesola(at)
Object: Hosting the 50th annual conference of ICOM-CIMUSET in 2023
Letter, at a minimum, should identify the following:
– Host (Museum, sceince center…)
– City and venue
– Proposed dates
– Proposed theme (Optional)
– Potential partners (Optional)
– Public/local adminisations supports (Optional)
Signature of the Museum/Centre/Institution Director