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How to be a member of CIMUSET

CIMUSET is one of the international committees of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

If you wish to join CIMUSET, it is necessary join ICOM.

ICOM membership offers the opportunity of joining a network of more than 21,000 museum professionals from all disciplines and all countries, and participating in the international work of museums.

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ICOM’s structure is based on National Committees. All persons or institutions wishing to apply for membership, should contact the ICOM National Committee in their country of residence, if such a committee has been established. In case there is no National Committee in a State, one should apply for membership to the Membership Service of the ICOM Secretariat in Paris.

There are two main membership categories:

• Individual members

Persons who are employed as museum staff; former museum professionals who are retired; independent persons respecting the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums and working for museums either in a professional or advisory capacity, but not promoting or dealing with any commercial products and equipment required for museums and services’. (Statutes, Article 2, Para. 2).

• Institutional members

Museums or related institutions complying with the definition of a museum set out by ICOM in its Statutes (Article 2, Para. 1) or organisations to which museums belong or upon which they are dependent.

ICOM offers a number of benefits to its individual and institutional members – see below.

Application forms can be obtained either from the National Committees or from the Membership Service of the ICOM Secretariat.

Download the application form here

Completed forms should be returned directly to the National Committee, if such a committee exists.

The Membership Service of the ICOM Secretariat is not allowed to process any application without the consent of the National Committee that is concerned. If you do not have your National Committee’s address, please contact the Membership Service.

Membership dues are fixed by ICOM’s Executive Council. However, to cover its administrative expenses, a National Committee may add an additional percentage to the amount fixed by Council. For further information on membership dues, please contact your National Committee.

Membership is annual and retrospective to the beginning of the current calendar year. At the beginning of each new calendar year, your National Committee will ask you to renew your membership. If there is no National Committee in your country, the ICOM Secretariat will contact you for membership renewal.

Once a person or institution has been enrolled as a member, he/she/it may also join ICOM’s International Committees. Currently ICOM has 30 International Committees representing types of museums (e.g. art, science, literature) or particular disciplines (e.g. conservation, education, documentation).

Through its International Committees, ICOM achieves its major objectives: exchange of scientific information at an international level, drawing up of professional standards and realisation of joint projects.

Membership with ICOM ceases if a member resigns, if a member stops paying the annual dues or if the member’s professional status has changed.