Nominated projects 2023

The evaluation committee of the CIMUSET Award 2023 has carefully evaluated the nominated projects for the CIMUSET Award 2023 in accordance with the award criteria 

The winner of the CIMUSET Award 2023 is the Grupo MCCAC (Accessible Science Museums and Centres Group) from Brazil. You can find more information about the project below and also read about the other nominated projects. 

The nominated projects 2023

Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Korea  

The project ‘Mountain Birds, Wild Birds’ is an inspiring initiative, which through multiple formats engages the local communities of a rural area of Korea in the birds, which inhabit the local environment. The project has created innovative new approaches to engaging the local citizens; both through an educational, hands-on exhibition and multiple public programs. These initiatives have been exemplary co-created with local communities and partner institutions. The project aims at improving educational offers for the residents of the area, highlighting sustainable ways of life and a better understanding and appreciation of our relationship with the natural world.  

Experimentarium Science Center, Denmark 

The ambitious project ‘Future Human – How Far Will You Go?’ invites the participants to investigate possible futures through a hands-on exhibition. The exhibition itself is co-created with numerous students and in a strong partnership with the Danish National Center for Ethics. The exhibition aims at creating educational experiences which make the participants reflect on how they want to utilize technologies in the future. The exhibition is produced with reusable materials to ensure a low environmental footprint. The exhibition not only includes scientific aspects but also socio-cultural perspectives and thus creates a new democratic and relatable exhibition environment where visitors can explore new technologies and the ethical questions these new technologies raise.   

Guangdong Science Center, China 

The inspiring project ‘Injecting Hope – The Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine’ is an impressive touring exhibition that takes visitors on a journey of the rapid development of vaccines. The project is part of an ambitious international collaboration between Guangdong Science Center, Science Museum Group, and the National Council of Science Museums in India, as well as other important strategic partners. The project thus shows new ways for international collaborations and partnerships that can bring new, interesting perspectives to science museum practices. The touring exhibition is produced using reusable and environmentally friendly materials. In addition to the exhibition, there are several programs and initiatives to engage participants with the project’s topical theme.  

Grupo MCCAC (Accessible Science Museums and Centres Group), Brazil (WINNER) 

The important project ‘Science Communication: Access, Accessibility, and Experiences of Diverse Audiences’ is a research and practice network that aims at a national and international level to create new formats, methods, and tools to transform science museums and centers to be accessible for people living with disabilities. The project involves numerous partners to ensure the best starting point for conducting relevant studies and that the products developed resonate with the realities that exist in the institutions. The action research and tools are co-created with citizens who themselves live with a disability. The innovative project shows new ways for institutional transformations to ensure that more diverse citizens can participate and feel welcome in science museums and centers and thus supports sciences museums and centers in their effort to contribute to a more just and equal world.