Jeongok Prehistory Museum, Korea

The cooperative project ‘Mountain Bird, Wild Bird’ operates with the help of various people and related organizations. This project, which started with the message “If you know it, you will love it”, allows participants to directly experience the beauty of birds in various ways, and through this, they protect nature and birds. The project shows how science museums can provide positive messages about nature to a diverse public.

Participatory project with enhanced accessibility

As this project is conducted in the form of a special educational experience exhibition rather than a simple exhibition, various educational programs and experience programs related to the bird. Participants can see the birds around us directly as samples and take quizzes. You can also read a variety of books about birds, and listen to their sounds to renew awareness of the birds around us. You can also draw your own bird in a beautiful or creative way. The exhibition doesn’t stop here. it also organizes various programs outdoors. There is bird-photo zone, bird feeding and bird-watching by using the rental of research kits.

In particular, due to the locational characteristics of the Jeongok Prehistory Museum, it is a culturally remote area facing the DMZ, and it is trying to provide high-quality education to the residents of the nearby area. (SDG4 – Quality education)

Sustainable project with society

This project is not a museum-led project, but a sustainable project through collaboration with related organizations, artists, and citizens in various fields.

Jeongok Prehistory Museum collaborated with national institutes such as the National Institute of Ecology (NIE) and the National Institute of Biological Resources (NIBR) to share and promote research results, and this information made it easier for visitors to understand. Various education and experience programs were discussed with bird-watching bookstore and associations related to birds, and joint operations made participants more interested. Various illustrations related to birds are needed within the project, which collaborated with underprivileged artists in the area to draw and successfully conduct the exhibition. (SDG11 – Sustainable cities and communities)

Environmentally friendly project with nature

As the main theme of the project focuses on “birds,” one of the land ecosystems, efforts to preserve biodiversity are underway in various ways. It operates an autonomous feeding platform for the surrounding wild birds, and as part of its educational program, a project to create a new house for wild birds is also underway.

The purpose of this project is to highlight various birds around us living with humans and to promote their sense of protection through their beauty and familiarity. Especially, the part related to “Bird collisions prevention” in the project explains in detail the phenomenon of birds colliding with glass and dying by buildings in the city increases recently, and suggests ways to prevent it. Within the project, fundraising is also underway for bird collisions prevention. And the museum successfully delivered fundraising to prevent bird collisions. (SDG15 – Life on Land)