CIMUSET Training Workshop

2nd Edition of CIMUSET & CSTM Training Workshop

Theme: The future of STEM: Developing Learning Programs in Science Centres and Museums:

The International Training Workshop on Capacity Building for Professionals of Science Centers and Museums announces its second training workshop (2018 was its first Edition), to be held November 18th to 25th 2019, at China Science and Technology Museum (CSTM) in Beijing, China.

This training workshop is intended primarily for ICOM members from emerging countries, countries of the Asian Pacific region and countries engaged with the Belt and Road Initiative. This training workshop will be conducted in English.

Applicable criteria:

1.     Having paid their ICOM membership dues for two consecutive years including the current year of application, or, in the case of a new or reinstated ICOM membership, having paid membership dues for the year of application;

2.     Fluent in both written and spoken English;

3.     Occupying middle-level management position in a recognized science museum or science center;

4.     Aged 45 years or under, by 31st December 2019.

 By applying for the travel grant, the applicants agree to:

       – Provide a valid medical travel insurance certificate to China Science and Technology Museum before travel arrangement can be made.

        Selected applicants who do not provide a valid medical travel insurance certificate before travel arrangements will no longer be considered for participation in the workshop

– Do preparatory work prior to the workshop – readings and homework;

 – Participate in an evaluation of the workshop – both at the end of the workshop and a few weeks after the workshop.

An overall assessment of the applications will take into account the gender balance of the applicants as well as the range of types and sizes of museums and centers where the applicants work.

In order to ensure the best results from the workshop, the number of participants will be limited to a maximum of 40, with about 16 participants from countries other than China. Applicants from emerging countries, the Asian Pacific region, and countries engaged with the Belt and Road Initiative will be given priority.

  All applications must be accompanied by the following documents in English:

1- A fully completed Application Form;

2- A Curriculum Vitae indicating training, work experience, publications and current work responsibilities (one page maximum);

 3- A Motivation Letter describing how the training workshop fits into your career development plan and how it will assist you in your current position, and giving answers to three (3) questions (maximum 500 words).

 4- A letter of recommendation from the director or CEO of the applicant’s institution;

 5- A copy of the first page of the passport. IMPORTANT: Your passport needs to be valid at least until 1st Jun 2020.

 DEADLINES: Applications must be submitted with all the requested documents to:, by September 25th, 2019 Midnight/Universal Time

Application form link:

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